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"We love JP and appreciate that they treat us as family. The way that Pete respects his clients is truly untouched by any other vendor we use."

- Renee King Diaz - Owner - The Queens Cups


"In an environment where relationship building is our primary focus, it is much appreciated to have such a friendly and consistent representative from JP Facility Services. Luis is wonderful! He feels like part of our YMCA community."

- Christina Puleo - Executive Director - Greendale



This is what separates good companies from great companies. A service based business must be able to differentiate itself from the rest of the industry. It is the little things that make a HUGE difference. Our differentiation is simple:

We provide customized solutions for each and every customer. We listen to your needs, issues, problems, and challenges, and we that those our objectives. The solution is simple:

We want you to never have to worry about mats, mops, aprons, towels, soap, paper towel, tissue paper, linen napkins, table cloths, hand towels, salon towels, or any other product we service. That makes running your business simpler and you can funnel that energy and time towards laser like focus on your customers. 

We are passionate about our business - we love what we do and our actions speak for themselves.

Our customers share what we do best... provide GREAT products and AMAZING service. Give us a call, you won't be disappointed!!


Exquisite Elegance...

Unparalleled Quality...

World Class Service Excellence...


Of all the vendors we work with, I would place JP Facility Services in the TOP 1% in the areas of customer service, reliability, and product servicing. A great company to work with, wish all our vendors were as committed to customer service as they are."

- Jay Whittaker, Director of Finance and Administration - Fabco


"I love this company - I am treated like a number one customer. You guys always go above and beyond. It's so much appreciated! In a world where customer service is taking a plunge, you always persevere!! Love you guys. Thanks for everything!"

- Vicki Bisceglia, Owner - RM Cutters


"I love that the towels and aprons are always clean and neat looking. Our last company used to send us stained towels which isn't appropriate for a restaurant. Luis, our delivery guy, is always very pleasant and professional as well as Pete the owner. Extremely glad we made the switch - also love helping small businesses."

- Joy L. Sullivan, Manager - Pepperoni Express


"I have never had better service from a company. I wish I could use JP Mats for everything I need in my daily life."

- Mike Fontenot, Manager - ABC Supply


"We have been very happy with JP Facility Services. The staff is very friendly and courteous, with unmatched customer service."

- Joel C. O'Toole, Treasurer - Bolton Orchards


"JP Facility Services provides us with outstanding customer service, they are very timely, and a true pleasure to conduct business with."

- Michael Christo, Manager - Bill's Pizza


Having 100% of our customers rate us with the highest quality products, the highest quality service, and the highest level of professionalism from all of our employees is no accident.

Our customers love us, our products, and our service because we go above and beyond with everything we do! We treat every single customer like family, as if it was our business. We take pride in everything we do, and we would love the opportunity to serve you and your business!

Custom Logo Matting

Image, appearance, cleanliness, safety, comfort, productivity, first impression, safety... all critical components to your business.

Boost your employees morale, increase your profits, productivity and brand image, and reduce depreciation on your assets with JP Facility Services, Mat, Mop, Apron, Towel, Instant Hand Sanitizer, Napkin, Table Cloth, First Aid Supplies, and Restroom Services programs — and improve the comfort, safety, and well-being of your customers and employees. Focus on what is most important to you - exceeding your your customers expectations and let us manage your facility services.

Whether it’s regularly providing clean, custom logo mats for your entry or a restroom supplies program that keeps your image and appearance to the highest standard of excellence, JP Facility Services can help you save money and time by allocating the right resources to the right tasks. You hired your employees to run your business, or to keep your restaurant patrons happy, or to drive your service vehicles — not to replace floor mats, restock restroom supplies or mop floors. Let JP Facility Services take care of your place of business.

Contact us at 508-344-1200 for a FREE, no-obligation facility assessment today.

JP Facility Services, LLC is located in Central Massachusetts and currently services all of Central, Eastern, and Southern Massachusetts businesses.

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